Vilka plattformar presterar bäst? Vad är konsumenternas inställning till samarbeten? Hur effektivt? Vilka skillnader?
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OnePlus wanted to raise awareness for their new smartphone model OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T and engage their target group, the urban youth.

Two well-known Swedish YouTube creators, KaptenRiley and Daniel Norlin created four videos in order to familiarize themselves with the phone, the dual camera and its cool new portrait mode. KaptenRiley is famous for his photographing skills and decided to approach the new model by taking high-quality photos and enriching his video content with them. Daniel Norlin on the other hand is famous for his pranks and therefore challenged people to perform some crazy stunts in order to receive the premium phone in return.

The videos featuring the new OnePlus phone gained an overwhelming success! KaptenRiley’s content reached over 926K views, 25K likes and over 3 300 comments. The videos on Daniel Norlin’s channel were succesful as well, reaching over 500K views with amazing 38K likes and enthusiastic conversation with over 1 500 comments. The total engagement for this campaign was truly amazing!

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