Vilka plattformar presterar bäst? Vad är konsumenternas inställning till samarbeten? Hur effektivt? Vilka skillnader?
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Finnish cruise liner Silja Line wanted to update its brand image among the teen audience and activate young adults to take more cruise holidays.

We chose three Youtubers for the project, and created a three-part content campaign, where each of the influencers had a cruise trip to suit there tastes. Veronica partied with her friends, Herbalisti took his girlfriend to enjoy the culinary experience and Annika spent quality time with her family relaxing and shopping tax free. Each Youtuber made a video of their trip and told the audience about the first ever 23h Tubetour -cruise on the Baltic Princess.

The TubeTour cruise sold out in just a few days. So did a second cruise. The social media posts relating to the campaign gained over 2 million impressions and 4,000 comments. The six YouTube videos gained 600,000 views. Inspired by the success of the first campaign, Troot and Silja Line have continued the cooperation creating several new multi-channel campaigns and themed cruises.

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