Vilka plattformar presterar bäst? Vad är konsumenternas inställning till samarbeten? Hur effektivt? Vilka skillnader?
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Tupla wanted to strengthen their brand image among young people. Since Tupla has always been the chocolate bar of choice for someone walking their own path, the independent, ambitious heroes and heroines of today were chosen for the the campaign – this meaning, the YouTubers!


We gathered the top YouTubers together in order to form the Tupla Energy Company. Three out of the five influencers chosen for the campaign were from the Troot gang. Tupla enabled each YouTuber to have a production that was bigger and even more full of energy than usual. Every one of them were able to pursue something that they had always been dreaming of.

Stunt Freaks Team, the most popular stunt group in the Nordic region, took over the mountainous Riksgränsen in Sweden with their snowmobiles, producing a world-class stunt that caught the media attention worldwide. Meanwhile, YouTube gamers Lakko and Herbalisti arranged a unique 24h Tuplastream in Tennispalatsi and Eetzi Productions created a drifiting spectacle at the airport together with Bamse. The Tupla brand got visibility in all of the videos in various ways: clothing, taping of the vehicles – and chocolate bars being eaten halfway through extreme stunts whilst flying in the air! The YouTubers also hyped the campaign in all over social media for weeks.


Stunt Freaks Team and their video with a flying snowmobile collected over 600 000 views in two weeks and over 60 different media outlets reacted around the world. The story reached over one million unique users in social media and collected hundreds of thousands of likes and thousands of comments. The stunt did not leave the audience cold.

The gamers Herba and Lakko brought a thousand fans in Tennispalatsi and reached over 100 000 fans through and More than 150 000 comments were generated from this unique gaming event. Also, Eetzi Productions and Bamse’s drifting video collected more than 100 000 views over a few weeks, and gained a lot of attention, especially on online forums and media among motor sport enthusiasts. Thus, the events generated an overwhelming amount of activity and audience engagement.


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