Troot Network is a YouTube video network offering influencer marketing solutions, video advertising and events. We also create content series for our clients’ channels. Our services can be combined in various ways - that’s why we always tailor our offering to best suit our clients’ concept and campaign goals.

We also produce live events and tours.

Influencer marketing

We plan and execute tailored, YouTube-led social media campaigns. The content and social media activities in each campaign are tailored to help you achieve your campaign goals, whilst working with the influencers to understand what works best in their key audience.

We tell you how your brand message can be communicated in a unique, meaningful way. And our varied and versatile talents produce prime content with attitude - every time.

Content series

We produce scripted, Youtuber-starred short movies to your channels. A content series focusing around your product or brand could be a fantastic way to deepen the message behind your influencer marketing campaign. We also produce video adverts.

Video advertising

We sell and reserve media space in our own YouTube video network so that your video can be seen at the beginning, middle and end of our Youtuber’s videos. The adverts will be shown in a brand safe environment, alongside some of the most popular and loved content in Finland. We tailor the targeting so that you know your adverts will reach the right audience with the right interests.

Hello you!

For us, influencer marketing means working together with youtubers in order to create meaningful multi-channel social media campaigns, integrating your brand in a way that helps you reach your specific campaign goals.

We plan your route on the Ever-changing social media map

YouTube is at the forefront of our service offering. We make the most out of YouTube by using the diverse social media field. On top of YouTube videos we also utilize Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch and even TV where necessary. Our clients benefit from our fluency across platforms and our ability to tailor our service to suit each individual client project.

We know Our Audience

Our team works within the social media field with passion and years of experience. This way we can guarantee vast visibility for the campaigns we produce. We know how to reach and engage the right target groups for your case.

We offer our advertisers the possibility to target based on viewers’ interest, location, age and gender. The majority of the audience consists of 13 to 35 year-olds, but through our network you can reach all types of viewers from Sydney to Stockholm.

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