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Troot is a talent focused MCN with a passion for Branded Content.

We like doing things differently. Keeping the number of talents limited, we concentrate on what we do best: offering quality content for our clients while enabling the best support and revenue for our talents!

Are you a digital talent with a passion to create? We are currently scouting a couple of new superstars to make their biggest dreams come true!


For three years Troot has worked with strong expertise in producing revolutionary content & campaigns with brands like Microsoft, OnePlus and Telia. With our successful model we are eager to bring our best practices in digital marketing to Sweden as well!

We believe that collaborations can enrich the content and enable the career as a professional creator. That’s why we make sure the campaigns always suit our talents’ individual brand and profile. Our network includes talents representing a variety of categories and genres, and the number of creators is kept exclusive in order to serve both our clients and talents in the best possible way.

We are the backbone for our talents: with our developed processes, we offer 360° support for growth and work in close contact with the creator and the client to ensure the best outcome!


Together with our exclusive selection of digital talents, we guarantee our clients the creativity and impact for marketing campaigns, always focusing on amazing content and top service.

We’ll make sure the brand is introduced or endorsed in an innovative way. Our team works within the digital media field with passion and years of experience, knowing how to reach and engage the right target groups for each case. Our clients benefit from our fluency across platforms and our ability to tailor our service to suit each individual client project.

Check out these cool cases and see what we’ve been up to lately!


OnePlus wanted to raise awareness for their new smartphone model OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T and engage their target group, the urban youth.

Two well-known Swedish YouTube creators, KaptenRiley and Daniel Norlin created four videos in order to familiarize themselves with the phone, the dual camera and its cool new portrait mode. KaptenRiley is famous for his photographing skills and decided to approach the new model by taking high-quality photos and enriching his video content with them. Daniel Norlin on the other hand is famous for his pranks and therefore challenged people to perform some crazy stunts in order to receive the premium phone in return.

The videos featuring the new OnePlus phone gained an overwhelming success! KaptenRiley’s content reached over 926K views, 25K likes and over 3 300 comments. The videos on Daniel Norlin’s channel were succesful as well, reaching over 500K views with amazing 38K likes and enthusiastic conversation with over 1 500 comments. The total engagement for this campaign was truly amazing!


ASUS wanted to increase knowledge of their new smartphone model Zenfone 4 and Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro to create buzz and excitement within the lifestyle enthusiasts and gamers just before Christmas.

Three well-known Swedish YouTube talents created one video each to embrace the new features in their own special way! One of the influencers was Daniel Dorch, whose popular gaming channel offered an optimal chance to test a transition from filming with a regular video camera to shooting footage with Zenfone 4. In addition, a famous lifestyle vlogger Jakob Andersson highlighted the new functions of the Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro and integrated those into his daily use, hosting also an entertaining Q&A-session on Snapchat!

Zenfone 4 and Zenfone Selfie Pro definitely stroke great interest among the audience! The organic reach on YouTube was estimated for 60K views, but after one month the videos had already delivered 230 % above the estimated reach. Gotta love these numbers!

Silja Line

Finnish cruise liner Silja Line wanted to update its brand image among the teen audience and activate young adults to take more cruise holidays.

We chose three Youtubers for the project, and created a three-part content campaign, where each of the influencers had a cruise trip to suit there tastes. Veronica partied with her friends, Herbalisti took his girlfriend to enjoy the culinary experience and Annika spent quality time with her family relaxing and shopping tax free. Each Youtuber made a video of their trip and told the audience about the first ever 23h Tubetour -cruise on the Baltic Princess.

The TubeTour cruise sold out in just a few days. So did a second cruise. The social media posts relating to the campaign gained over 2 million impressions and 4,000 comments. The six YouTube videos gained 600,000 views. Inspired by the success of the first campaign, Troot and Silja Line have continued the cooperation creating several new multi-channel campaigns and themed cruises.


Hit us up to create a success story together!

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