Vilka plattformar presterar bäst? Vad är konsumenternas inställning till samarbeten? Hur effektivt? Vilka skillnader?
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The Dudesons is four adventurous men – Jarno, Jarppi, Jukka and HP – who have astonished their audiences since the beginning of the century. The group has delivered 11 seasons of their own TV series of positive anarchy in Finland, and created a huge international audience in over 150 countries.

The Dudesons might be known for their bold stunts and crazy ventures, leaving behind trashed cars and neon-colored sheep, but also tears of joy, applauding audiences and youngsters who have found a new direction and meaning in their lives. This group has truly shown their dedication, having won multiple awards and prizes for their work. Despite this, the guys have their feet on the ground and heart in the right place.

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