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We doubled the daily downloads of the F-Secure Freedome app.


F-Secure wanted to gain young people’s interest on the Freedome security application and increase discussion on the topic.


The application properties were tested in a variety of situations and on different platforms, as we sent our superstar YouTube gamers Lakko and Herbalisti for a tour around Europe. The two friends traveled to Barcelona, Monza and London, publishing a travel vlog and a gaming video from each of the city. The Freedome application and its features were naturally utilized when using the web, for example, on an airplane, in a shop and a hotel.


The unique travel videos gained over a million views in just a few months. At the peak of the campaign, F-Secure’s product page traffic increased by nearly 200% and the daily downloads in the Freedome application doubled!

We increased the product visibility on Instagram with a week-long #FreedomeTour -competition, where 4,000 fans took part by choosing their favorite travel pictures. #FreedomeTour culminated in the sold out Tubecon 2015 event, where the most popular YouTubers met their fans at the Freedome stand.


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